Similarities Between Bruno And Schmell's Pa

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Bruno and Schmell are looking for Schmell's Pa and get caught up with other Jewish people and go into one of the buildings and the Army men come in to one of the chambers and where they think they are going to get a shower, but in reality they are going to get gassed. The father and the mother are looking for Bruno and as the door closes they run up and realize where he is and what is happening. They both begin to cry and the father stands there in shock and don't know what to do. The mother and sister hold each other in comfort.

Bruno in the beginning was a very upset child from moving away from his friends and beginning a new life where his dad works. He hated being away from his friends and threw fits often. At the end of the novel he was sweet. The father was harsh spoken and rude and by the end when he realized what happens to Bruno I think he will become a better man. The mother in the beginning was sweet and kind but didnt put up with any lollygagging from Bruno. When he snapped at her when they were moving she ended that quick. When he passed away, I think she will become either depressed and angry at the father for what happened because she never agreed with what he was doing in the first place.
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Bruno helped him but it ended tragically. I think Bruno's father will change and be a hero after this incident and realizing that what he is doing is wrong. I think that the villian is also his father becuase he knew what he was doing was wrong. He didnt take anyone's feelings into consideration when he did what he did. He didn't take Bruno's feelings into consideration when they were moving
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