Similarities Between Carthage And Rome

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Introduction Both Carthage and Rome were growing and competitive powers that each dreamed of holding the supremacy. These two powers had their similarities and also great differences. In this paper, I will try to provide a brief history of Carthage, the power of Rome, comparison between Carthage and Rome, the Punic wars, and the creation and the power of Roman navy. The paper will therefore end with a conclusion stating my views. The origin and rise of Carthage According to Morey (1901), Carthage was a colony of Tyre which later became the capital of a great commercial empire on the northern coast of Africa. It rapid growth especially in trade paved the way for it to become a powerful empire founded on trade and commerce. As Carthage became the dominant power over the native races of Africa, which were the Lydians and the Numidians, she eventually forced many of them into slavery and continued her growth. With it trading power backed by slave labor and military power, Carthage could easily expand her empire into the North Africa region and the Iberian Peninsula. This expansion exposed Carthage to contact with other great powers including Greece and Rome. The power of Rome According to Trueman (2015), the Romans were not contented with the conquered land near Rome as they realized that land further away might also be very rich and can make Rome richer. The conquest of Italy still left Rome with a lot of energy and resources and she was bended to expand her empire. With
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