Similarities Between Catcher In The Rye And Rebel Without A Cause

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Just be you! Both Holden Caulfield of “Catcher In The Rye” and Jim stark from “Rebel Without A Cause” are young, male characters growing up in the 1050s. Holden is depressed, also Holden keeps his circle very small because he doesn't like a lot of people but his brother and sister. Jim is confused and he is always getting into trouble. Jim wants someone to help him do the right thing.These two characters have important similarities and differences. similarities include friendship and school. Differences include Jim is conformist and Holden is non-conformist. One way that Holden and Jim are similar to each other relates to friendship. Holden and Jim are similar in friendship because they both have a hard time making friends. For example is when Jim made the “moo” sound no one laughed. Then for Holden is he is always criticizing…show more content…
One way that Holden and Jim are different relates to Jim is a conformist . Jim and Holden are different because Jim is a conformist because he wanted to fit in with the cool kids when he tried making them laugh during the movie when he said ”moo”. Another way that Holden and Jim are different relate to non-conformist. Holden and Jim are different because he always talks about people and he hates the world. In conclusion, both Holden and Jim share some similarities, while they also have important differences.they are similar in regards to friendship and school. Both Holden and Jim have hard times making friends. For school, both Holden and Jim have changed schools and are not succeeding in class. They are different regards to conformity. Holden is a non-conformist he does not want to be like everyone else. Jim is a conformist because he wants to feel connected. One thing society can still learn from these 1950s characters is that you should be yourself and try not to fit in. if you try to fit in like as Jim, you can get yourself into some
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