Similarities Between Catholicism And Christianity

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Significant Distinctions and Similarities between Roman Catholicism vs Christianity In today’s society it is fairly difficult to differentiate religion in general, especially when the individual isn 't knowledgeable of religious practices. Roman Catholicism and Christianity have several similarities, but they are also very different, however Catholics are Christians because they believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Which is the foundation of the Christian faith. Catholicism and Christianity both share the common belief of the trinity; One God in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth in human form, was crucified, died, and resurrected three days later to call sinners to repentance. The Bible…show more content…
Catholics and Christians views of Mary’s saintly-hood are not aligned. Catholics interpret the idea of Mary, the Mother of God as the Queen of all Saints. They view her as a revered Saint and are quite affectionate and fond of her. Catholics believe that God our Lord and Savior, gave Mary the beloved opportunity to give birth to the Prophet Jesus Christ. Other Christians, like the Baptist church, on the the other hand interpret Mary as an ordinary individual who gave birth to our savior and is not a Saint. Catholicism and Christianity both have the same core belief of the Lord, meaning that the Lord is the “Mediator” of all arguments and how there is only one God. Which is why these two religions of Christianity and Catholicism respect each other, unlike those who worship false prophets. When discussing Catholicism and Christianity both denominations have a belief in “ The Apostles Creed” which consists of what the apostles taught. The importance outlines the core belief of Jesus Christ. What Jesus went through and what he did for his believers/followers. It contains the

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