Similarities Between Cesar And Martin Luther King

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Martin and Cesar "I have a dream,” a famous quote said by Martin Luther King along with "Si Se Puede," said by Cesar Chavez. Martin Luther King was the most amazing person people have ever saw. Then there is Cesar Chavez, a person who fought for rights and for immigrants. Both Cesar and Martin are amazing people who saved millions of people from destruction and from killing others. Both stories that people have read were amazing. But the most effective of all were Martin Luther King 's story. The main idea of this essay is to say how Martin was a better fighter for human rights than Cesar. Now Cesar helped a lot of people and saved immigrants from losing their job. What he did is that he first ordered the government to get some rest periods along with lunch periods. The other thing that he did is that he helped immigrants tell everyone that the pay was unfair and then told everyone to go for a walk and tell them that they need a better raise. The last thing that he did is that he sacrificed his…show more content…
It talked about how each and everyone was touched by the words that those heroes said. Which people think is the most bravest and the most amazing people could do. For example, both stories talked about amazing people who saved lives. Which they think people could do in the future forever and ever. Both of these stories persuaded people to follow these amazing heroes dreams and follow the path of greatness. So most people want to be brave and rise to the challenge and face their fears, but they are afraid to say something. It is like most people say "F.E.A.R. has 2 meanings forget everything and run, or face everything and rise" which is what these heroes did for humanity and for their lives. They did not just run away and said "I quit" they just stood up for everyone and have risen and have face their fears, and now they are heroes from the
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