Similarities Between Cesar Chavez And Gandhi

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"Si, se puede!" was Cesar Chavez's famous motto. Cesar Chavez was a farmer rights activist to improve farm workers rights. Mahatma Gandhi was also a rights activist when the British invaded India, in which he created a new philosophy to fight against the British without using anger. Both had so many things in common, but also contrasted in many ways. Chavez was more successful than Gandhi because Cesar helped millions of farmers in California with rights. Cesar Chavez was a human rights activist. Chavez was a fierce farmers rights worker because he made efforts to make workers rights for everybody. He did this by forming the United Farm Workers (UFW) and boycotting products farmers picked. He founded the UFW because the UFW can make union contracts. The union contracts had a big impact on farmers by allowing to have bathrooms in the fields and not being sprayed with…show more content…
Gandhi people manage their anger and have peace against the British. He did this by creating a philosophy and encouraging people to follow that philosophy. Gandhi also used peace instead of violence against the British. Gandhi did this because he believed that he can achieve peace among everybody. Gandhi’s philosophy didn't work on everyone. He expected people to take on the British peacefully instead of violently. Mahatma Gandhi was a great human rights activist when the British and believed that everyone should be equal. Cesar Chavez and Mahatma Gandhi were both same on many ways, but also differed on many ways. Both Chavez and Gandhi fought for rights and equality. Cesar fought for farmers rights while Gandhi fought for independence. Chavez and Gandhi were heroic to the world. They helped a lot of people with equality. Cesar and Gandhi were both in different places when they fought. Cesar was in California fighting for rights while Gandhi was in India fighting for independance. Both Chavez and Gandhi were different in many ways, they were
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