Similarities Between Cesar Chavez And Mother Jones

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Years back, migrant farm workers worked the fields of California in horrible conditions such as no breaks and pesticide exposure. Years before that, poor children had to work in factories and mills, losing fingers from accidents as they live off of stale bread and coffee. But two people were able to help these people from the unfair treatment they were up against, Cesar Chavez and Mother Jones. Both were able to give their people a better life to their people, later on or during their lifetime. “About Cesar” is a biography by the Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF) about the life of Cesar Chavez when he learned the difficulties of migrant farm workers and later on creates a union, helping those farm workers stand up and fight for themselves and…show more content…
“Mother Jones: Fierce Fighter for Workers’ Rights” was written by Judith Pinkerton Josephon, a biography on Mother Jones’s journey to help children under 16 get out of work and into school. Even though both of them were able to get tremendous results, one of them stood out amongst the rest, Mother Jones. Cesar Chavez was a Latino man who fought for the civil rights of migrant farm workers across the land. Born in March 31, 1927, Cesar learn the struggles of a migrant farmworker at a very young as his family lost their farm in the Great Depression. In fact, he finished his education after eighth grade to help his family in the farm, but he was able to teach himself numerous subjects through reading during the rest of his life. When he became older, he wanted to help the farm workers with their hardships, creating a union to help fight for their rights under the name United Farm Workers. As it states, “Under…show more content…
At first, she helped the poor children, taking care of them like how a loving mother would. Until she traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in June of 1903, hundreds of thousands of mill workers on strike for work hours to be cut down. As the author states, “In June 1903, Mother Jones went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- the heart of a vast textile industry. About one hundred thousand workers from six hundred different mills were on strike there. The strikers wanted their work cut from sixty to fifty-five hours. About a sixth of the strikers were children under sixteen.” ( 5, Josephson). As a result, she gathered a large group of mill children and their parents, shaming the mill owners of their actions. She wondered how she could draw more attention into this problem and got an idea from the Liberty Bell on national tour, which was drawing a huge crowd around it. “ Philadelphia’s famous Liberty Bell, currently on a national tour and drawing huge crowds, gave her an idea. She and the textile union leaders will stage their own tour. They would march the mill children all the way to the president of the United States—Theodore Roosevelt. Mother Jones wanted the president to get Congress to pass a law that would take the children out of the mills, mines, and factories and put them into school.” (6, Josephson).

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