Similarities Between Characters In The Book Thief

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Similarities between different characters Liesel was a foster child, Max was a Jewish man, both found the Hubermanns. One thing that makes them similar is how they ended up there. Also, there were little connections that causes them to bond. Finally, both characters had experienced similar pasts. The author brought max and liesel together and made them similar for the purpose of showing how their struggles made them standout from the rest. This is how the characters came together and ended up at the Hubermanns. “It took nearly fifteen minutes to coax her from the car.” This quotes is describing when Liesel first met the Huberman 's, and she was brought there because her mother felt it was best for Liesel and her brother to find a better home where they could be better taken care of but, for Liesel 's brother it was too late and he passed away on the train ride there. “He clung to his mother’s hand and that of Sarah, the nearest of his cousins. “I won’t leave. If we all can’t go, I don’t go, either.”” This quote is from the point in the story where the are talking about how max has forced to make the decision to leave his family and was left with his only option for survival, the Hubermanns. Max was a jewish fighter, Liesel was a 10 year old girl but they came together at this one place. Liesel and Max’s past haunted them and caused them a lot of…show more content…
The characters both had personal struggles to overcome. “ These nightmares are bitter-sweet kind of suffering. They terrify her. She can 't control them.” Liesel had nightmare that would eventually cause her to pee herself because they were so traumatizing, they were almost about her brother 's death though. “. . . I see myself turning around, and waving goodbye.” This quote is describing Max 's nightmares where he envisioned leaving his family. Nightmares were an effect caused by the character 's lives before coming to the Hubermanns which both characters had and it made them bond as they tried to help each other

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