Similarities Between Childhood And Adulthood

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Childhood Vs. Adulthood ..... Childhood and Adulthood are both two main stages in the life of an individual. Every person go through childhood and adulthood stage. As it is familiar with every human being, childhood is the best stage anyone have went through. childhood refers to the year of your youngness, the time before turning thirteen years old, and before turning into a teenager ( the stage where a person is half way between childhood and adulthood). Adulthood refers to the years after childhood, the time after turning 18 years old and after your teenage years. Life has many stages but Childhood and Adulthood stage are the main ones where every person gets to learn something from it. childhood and Adulthood has…show more content…
Family is always important to have, in both stages of life. without a family nobody gets to cherish the stages they go through. family helps you to stand on your feet through those stages. Family advice you in what is right and wrong. when someone makes a mistake, family is always there to correct it and advice you not do it again, because they have more experience. family are the most trustable people anyone could ask for in their lives, they love you no matter what, and they also support you through difficult circumstances. Friends are as well important to have, in both stages of life. friends are the people you meet beside your family. friendship for children bring great important activity including company, incitement, and physical support. Each of these activities are important in their own different way during the stages of childhood and adulthood. The other similarity is that in both stages they are always learning new things about themselves and about life. As people get to grow up year after year they get to experience what is wrong and right and learn how to make things right for…show more content…
it is the time of uprightness and innocence. Childhood goes by really fast but it can never be noticed. childhood stage is when you learn to make your choices and decisions that will later involve in your adulthood. Being a child is the stage of creating yourself. The best part in childhood is that you don't have to worry about anything because everything is taken care of by your parents. Also the part where as a child you don't have to think about jobs or be stressed. Basically childhood is all about having fun and play around with friends. As a child you are free of responsibilities but you always have rules that are set by parents and they must be followed and obeyed. childhood is always dependant on your parents for teaching you experiences in your life and encourage you to work hard for a better
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