Similarities Between Chocolat And Like Water For Chocolate

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Religioso, Ariana Nicole A. 1CheD A Savoured Disparity and Similarity: Like Water for Chocolate vs. Chocolat The realms of the novel, Like Water for Chocolate and the movie, Chocolat are hardly seen in accord with one another. Having different approach of eras, in different styles, and in different cultures, these two appear, at first glance, to have little in common. The approach of Chocolat’s movie realism seems very incompatible with Like Water for Chocolate’s surrealistic imagery, and yet, if we look closely and way deeper, we can find common threads woven between the two works. Although differences are somewhat obvious, subtle similarities exist. Undeniably, the common themes that these two works share are the following: first is making a stand for self-identity and individuality. As seen in the two works, search in self-identity in a male-dominated society was in need, where the woman, being a main protagonist in both literatures is downgraded to specific and limiting roles like nurturers, servants, and followers. These protagonist women, Tita and Vianne both go through the same struggle, trying to be determined as who they are in a world that continuously ignores or undermines their needs, wants, and wishes. Second is the liberation from beliefs, superstitions, and traditions. Tita in Like Water for Chocolate is seen controlled and put under the decisions of her mother, Mama Elena, being prohibited to marry the love of her life for she is obliged to go through the

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