Similarities Between Churchill And Hitler

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Churchill and Hitler How could two totally different people be the same in many ways? Do you know the three most iniquitous people in the world? Out of those three most iniquitous people Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill are the top two. Adolf Hitler killed over 46.5 million people that went against him or was in his way. Winston Churchill deliberately starved over 6-7 million Indians to death. Which one is the most iniquitous of them all? According to; Churchill switched to the Liberal Party in 1904. He had felt that the Conservative Party was uncommited to social justice. Churchill was officially a member of the Parliament in 1908. On the other hand Adolf Hitler was known to be part of Nazism or National socialism. Hitler’s Nazi party was the only legal political party in Germany; as…show more content…
Where their partners treated different as the citizens? After asking many questions I have realized Hitler treated his partners or, people on his side, with great respect. Although Hitler treated his partners better than Churchill did; Churchill did treat the citizens with a higher quality. Hitler killed many innocent Jews along with Gypsies. Churchill cared about his people which leads into his goals. Churchill’s goals were way different than Hitler’s goals. Churchill wanted to keep his people safe and happy by meeting many demands. He also became a supporter of social reform. Hitler had an eye for evil as I would say when it comes to his goals. Hitler’s goal were to wipe out all Jews. HItler achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches or the government as stated in In conclusion both Churchill and Hitler are evil people. They both have different goals and different views on everything. In the end they both have killed and ruined many of people's’ lives. Churchill gave people their own form of government when Hitler wanted to be their
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