Similarities Between Civil Law And Common Law System

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The civil law system and the common law system are indeed two diverse legal systems. Most countries nowadays go with one of the two crucial legal structures which include common law or civil law . Before starting the comparison of those two key legal systems, we need to know what is law and why is it important to us. The law has many diverse classifications, but they are all based on the same perception which is the comprehension of enforceable guidelines that guides the relationship between people themselves and between people and society they live in. Law is important to us because it simply tells us what are our roles and obligations to our society and other individuals . To begin the comparison between the key law systems the essay will cover the definition of each system, the historical background, sources of each law system, the roles of judges in each system, the countries that cover each law system and the nowadays development of both methods.
To start off, civil law definition consists of the legal privileges and responsibilities that occur between individuals or between people and their ruler’s, it is mainly concerned with the individuals being legally familiar with their civil rights and commitments in relation towards others . In contrast, common law is a judge based law and it is simply the rules of law declared in the court of law . Thus, the civil law is concerned with individuals while common law is based on judgment.
Furthermore, the diversity in the
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