Similarities Between Clarisse And Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury created two female characters: Mildred Montag and Clarisse McClellan. Mildred and Clarisse were brought to exist in many different ways and are very different people; although they do share some similarities. Mildred Montag is the wife to Guy Montag. She epitomized the shallowness and emptiness of the society. Mildred forgoes true happiness and instead she constantly submerged herself in technology like her seashell radios and television walls. By having all of these technological devices and machines it allowed her to continually have an escape from reality. Her desperate need to escape led her to a suicide attempt. On page 10, it reads: “Without turning on the light he imagined how this room would look. His wife stretched on the bed, uncovered and cold, like a body displayed on the of a tomb, her…show more content…
They both caught Montag’s attention. Considering Montag and Mildred are married, there are some aspects of love between them. In the beginning of the story when he finds Mildred unresponsive caused by her overdose, he is all beside himself and questions the medical operators. By the great amount of concern he had, it showed that a part of him still had love for Mildred. Montag found Clarisse very intriguing. On page 8, it reads: “He looked at the blank wall. The girl’s face was there, really quite beautiful in memory: astonishing, in fact.” This quote represents the beauty Montag saw in Clarisse. Also, they both had an affect and impact on Montag. Clarisse got Montag to open his eyes. She asked him such a simple question: “Are you happy?”. Montag then realized how unhappy he actually was which led to his whole world changing. Montag later realized that Mildred was a big part of his unhappiness. He became known that, because of her coldness he became cold in a way too. He came home to nothing every night. He was empty at one point
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