Similarities Between Constitution And Iroquois Constitution

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Throughout history there have been links between the Iroquois constitution leading to the basis for the American Constitution. A constitution’s role is to help their country and benefit the people so things stay balanced and never lose control. As proof continues to build up, it shows that like the Iroquois the constitution holds several similar qualities on how to handle the economy and people. It has been thought, that the Iroquois have put the lining for the American guidelines. Though there are things that show to be the same, there are subtle differences that slip and show through. To show that there are similarities and differences you have to give examples. It became obvious that both sets of constitutions had it in their seams to protect the government and keep the people at peace. Yet a subtle…show more content…
As in both they have a place dedicated for business. Both deal with provision for land and addition. Both have Symbolism that can link together. The Iroquois had a type of throne made out of thistles while the U.S. has an Eagle holding thirteen arrows meaning unity and a tree branch from an olive tree that means an extension of peace. Within both constitutions there are two houses, in Iroquois there are two groups who look at decisions just like the American but in the American Constitution the president makes the final decision. In this essay I have went over the similarities and differences between the Iroquois and the American constitution. Throughout this essay I’ve went over simple and elaborate differences, some subtle some intriguingly different. As you read over an essay about our grounded constitution; and the background over how the Iroquois gave us our guidelines for the constitution, you will be amazed at the similarities throughout it. In history it can be amazing to see how it honestly does repeat itself. So the next time you wonder about the future, think about your past and you may be
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