Dante Vs. Chaucer

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Dante vs. Chaucer Dante Aligheiri and Geoffrey Chaucer had never met, but the literary works they created coincided. Dante and Chaucer had many things in common, but they also had many things in their lives and writings that were very different. Such as them both being devout Christians, and also being very critical of the way that the church was ran. Geoffrey Chaucer had a very funny sense of humor, whereas Dante Aligheiri was very realistic when it came to how he described things. Both Dante and Chaucer were very active in political activities in their lives and one of them was exiled for the way they reacted to those political activities. In this paper I will explain how Dante and Chaucer compare and contrast. Dante Aligheiri was…show more content…
He ultimately gets scared and decides to turn around. This is where he met Virgil. Virgil serves as his guide through Hell, assuring that he is able to finish the task ahead. The main goal of Dante journeying through Hell is that he needs to find himself and put himself back on the path to righteousness. Dante must pass through nine different levels of Hell. These levels were divided up into three different types of sins: the sins of incontinence, violence, and fraudulence. During The Inferno it doesn’t exactly say what type of sin that Dante has committed, but the levels that he has the most sympathy and remorse for were those of the incontinent. The sins of incontinence were those that a person couldn’t control. Many believe that Dante’s sin was that of lust, which in the Inferno held the lightest punishment. Dante is to believed to have lusted after a woman named Beatrice. Though he was married to another woman and had three children with her, Dante never gave up hope on his one true love, Beatrice. Being in love with one woman while married to another was a terrible sin, and after Beatrice died Dante devoted several poems and writings to her. Scholars believe this was why Dante had such a hard time with the wolf in the forest, because the wolf was the beast that represented the sins of incontinence. Virgil was able to lead Dante…show more content…
While he was a teenager he fought in the Hundred Years War in France, where he was captured and held for a ransom. Since Chaucer had royal connections his ransom was paid and he was set free. When he returned he joined the Royal Service where he continued with diplomatic missions for many years. In 1366 Chaucer married Phillipa Roet. This marriage helped to further Chaucer’s career in the English court. During his political missions Chaucer did very little writing, his missions kept him very busy and prevented him from pursuing his true passion. In 1385 he petition for a temporary leave, which landed him a job as a justice of the peace in Kent. During this time he was able to familiarize himself with poets like Dante. Like Dante, Chaucer was involved in the political community. Unlike Dante though, Chaucer was well liked in his political missions, and had a very hard time getting out of politics. Dante, however, was exiled and basically through to the curb. Geoffrey Chaucer’s most known writing is The Canterbury Tales. Initially, Chaucer intended on each character in his tales to tell four stories a piece, totaling in about one hundred and twenty stories altogether. This, however, did not work out. He ultimately ended up with twenty-four stories, and the characters did not even make it to Canterbury before the tales suddenly
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