Similarities Between Daoism And Confucianism

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Daoism and Confucianism are both philosophies and religions that have existed in China for many years. They were found by different people and are practiced by different groups. Laozi and Zhuangzi founded Daoism. Daoism philosophy is about intuitive awareness, nurtured by peaceful contact with nature while exiling out anything artificial. Daoists follow the principle called the Dao it’s the underlying principle of the universe meaning you combine yourself with the principles of the yin and the yang. Daoists principles encourage them to remove themselves from society and live off of the land. The yang is represented as active masculine energy and the yin mean passive feminine energy.

Confucius was born in the state of Lu in 551. In the beginning of his lifetime, he showed interest in bringing people into order while uniting them. Being surrounded by civil conflict is what motivated him to lead others into order and stability. The base to Confucius’s philosophy comes from two words the junzi, which means superior person and the ren, which is possessed by humans as human-heartedness. Confucius believed that anyone could take part in this. Mengzi was Confucius’s disciple and who helped him further on his idea and helped his set the different orders. A really good example that the book uses to explain this is “a king’s legitimacy depends on a goodwill of his people” (186) What I took from this is if you don’t have a good crowd behind you or if you aren’t giving back to someone or a multitude of people that helped you achieve anything then you aren’t really nothing morally. It’s not really about giving back with materialistic things but giving back things like support or giving a clarification that you are with them 100 percent. Confucius searched
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The biggest difference, in my opinion, is Daoism focuses on peace with nature while Confucianism works on order
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