Similarities Between Demoniac And The Witch

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Chapter Eight: The Demoniac and the Witch
According to Levack, witchcraft is defined as “the infliction of harm or misfortune” caused by a magical being or power that the witch received from the Devil.
Witches were persecuted under law, while demoniacs were not held responsible for their behaviors while possessed. Because many believed that these possessions were genuine and not an actor in a play, they could not be held responsible.
In Massachusetts, specifically Calvinist land, possessions were linked to witchcraft.
The rapid increase of possessions led to more witch hunts, which then ironically led to more possessions.
The demonization of European religious culture was reflected in the increase of both possessions and witch hunts, as described
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Attempts for religious form was a key development taking place in both Catholic and Protestant Churches.
The multiple changes inspired and influenced people to claim they were possessed because changes were made to curing possessions.
The demonization of European culture fostered the appearence of demoniacs because it included the development of demonology and the wide-spread knowledge about it.
A popularity of witches influenced a wave of possession because many believed that witches were the cause of the possessions.
The idea that the Devil could intervene in both the human body and the natural world with God’s permission, helped prove the existence of possessions and witches.
This new printing revolution led to an increase of information about possessions. There were also new scripts for demoniacs to read and follow and new ways to diagnose symptoms.

According to Levack, accounts of possessions were higher in Catholic communities compared to in the Calvinist societies.
Unlike Calvinist ministers, Catholic priests were much more willing to blame the Devil for symptoms of the possessed and more willing to use exorcisms to cure
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