Similarities Between Don John And Don Pedro

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Throughout the history of literature, authors and playwrights have historically developed foils in novels and plays. Not only does this significantly attract more attention and analyses by readers, but provides structure in the plot, making the story easier to comprehend. In Shakespeare’s comedic play, Much Ado About Nothing, there are multiple foiled characters, the primary one being Don Pedro and Don John. However, the two characters are not completely opposite from each other. There are a few similarities between Don Pedro and Don John as well as numerous differences, drawing in the reader to think about the relationship between the two. Don Pedro and Don John share a royal father, but have separate mothers, making them half-brothers. Don Pedro is the prince of Arragon, but his brother Don John, being a bastard child is a second-class citizen. “I had rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his grace” (Shakespeare 1.3.21-2), Don John says of his brother, introducing his desire to cause discord in their relationship. Don John attempts to destroy the lives and reputations of everyone he comes in contact with. This antagonist wants to be hated by those around him. He honestly portrays himself as a “plain-dealing…show more content…
He is powerful and influential, constantly part of a scheme or plan. He is not concerned with honesty as he is willing to deceive Hero to win her heart for Claudio, in which Don Pedro asks, “Was’t not to this end that thou began’st to twist so fine a story?” (Shakespeare 1.1.305-6). He works at keeping the peace even when he is accused of stealing Hero for himself; he simply states that the rumors are false. Even when confronted by Leonato, he again says “nay, do not quarrel with us, good old man”(Shakespeare 5.1.55). Don Pedro is loyal to his friends for he leaves the wedding with Claudio and his brother after Hero is accused of being
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