Similarities Between Enkidu And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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This was my first encounter with the story of Enkidu, as well as “The Epic of Gilgamesh” as a whole. At first, the syntax and language of the text was difficult for me to understand, and I found that I had to read through the story more than once in order to feel as though I had a firm grasp on what was actually happening in the story. However, even in my first read-through, I found some of the passages to be incredibly similar to some of the creation passages of the Bible, with which I am very familiar. Despite the complex language, these similarities provided clarity for me personally as I tried to decipher the text. The first similarity came right at the beginning of the text when “the goddess” created Enkidu. This story describes man being formed from a pinch of clay, while the Bible also says that God created man from “the dust of the ground.” (Genesis 2:7). One of the differences between the two accounts of creation comes a few sentences later, as the story of Enkidu…show more content…
The story of Adam and Eve is quite similar until “the fall” of mankind occurs. It is around this point that the story starts to differ, as it appears in the story of Enkidu that there were other human inhabitants on the earth, while Adam and Eve are the first humans to be created in according to the Biblical account. However, another similarity can be drawn between the facts that the harlot in Enkidu’s story was the one to entice him, while Eve was also the one that the serpent used to entice Adam in Genesis. As stated earlier, there were many parts of the story that were quite different from the story of Adam and Eve, but drawing the comparison between the two helped me to flesh out some of the plot of the story of
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