Similarities Between Episthropology And Epistemology

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To be able to start this essay, which will describe the differences and similarities between anthropological and sociological theory, epistemology and method, it is essential to establish why epistemology is indispensable to these disciplines.
Epistemology is the explanation of how we think and acquire knowledge. It is required in order to be able to determine the truth from the false, by regulating a proper method of evaluation. It is also needed in order to use and obtain knowledge of the world around us which is essential for anthropology and sociology. Without epistemology “we would have no reason to believe our thinking is productive or correct, as opposed to random images flashing before our minds.” (Landeaour, 2001) The degree to which our epistemology is correct is the degree to which we could understand reality, and the degree to which we could use that knowledge to promote our lives and goals, which is fundamentally the task of sociology and anthropology. That is why it is essential that their epistemology is correct.
Henrietta Moore establishes three fundamental questions for anthropologist in the book Anthropology in theory Issues in epistemology: “do all humans think in the same way?”(Moore, 2006:1), which forms the presumption for the two other questions: “is it possible to understand others worlds, how other people think?” (Moore, 2006:1) and if the answer is affirmative, then “what is the relationship between culture and thought?” (Moore, 2006:1) The
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