Similarities Between Fahrenheit 451 And Weldt

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The many elements that make up the science fiction genre make it very unique. One of these elements is the examination of one’s relationship with technology. This relationship is very prevalent in the science fiction genre due to the interesting components it brings to stories. One of these components is technology’s replacement of human interaction. This can be seen in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and “The Veldt”. In these stories, technology is seen as a way to escape interactions that people find normal today. Science fiction’s distinctive examination of how technology replaces human interaction advocates readers to explore instances of change through the characters. Fahrenheit 451 has many examples of human interaction being replaced by technology. One of these examples is “the wall” in Montag’s house. “The wall” can be described as an interactive television screen that is as large as the wall in a room. These “walls” are commonly found in one’s living room or parlor and are used as entertainment for people. Because they are…show more content…
Fahrenheit 451 and “The Veldt” use this relationship by using examples such as “the wall” and “the nursey”. Both of these examples are used as a way for people in society to escape interaction with each other. Society’s relationship with technology results in the lack of human interaction in each story. This can be seen by the lack of communication between Montag and Mildred. Mildred becomes obsessed with “the wall” and ultimately ignores Montag. It can also be seen by the lack of a familial relationship between the children and the parents. Because the children are always in “the nursery”, the parents do not interact or communicate with their children enough. Overall, technology has a negative effect on people in Fahrenheit 451 and “The Veldt” due to its replacement of human interaction within
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