Similarities Between Feminism And Historicism

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Through history, a number of literary and social theories have emerged to address certain issues and tackle some viewpoints about literary criticism. Feminism and Historicism are two of these ideological movements. Feminism represents a set of political, social, and literary ideas that aims to set women to an equal status with men. However, Historicism tackles the literary works from a historical point of view. In other words, historicists examine texts according to the historical background of its period. In this sense, a text is regarded as a social reference and a document to the culture of people at that time. It is obvious that there are some different viewpoints about the two critic movements which I am going to indicate in this paper.…show more content…
In fact, according to this point, some critics recall the return to history in1980s when historicist at that period set themselves against the work of feminists. Mainly clearly maybe in the English Renaissance, additionally in nineteenth-century studies, the feminist movement appeared to be a symbol of the sorts of earlier hypothetical psychoanalysis, scholarly formalism, that the new historicism looked to contradict and oppose, whereas they have inadequate attentive to history. It is often said that is oft, through the age of Aristotle and who came later, women had been regarded inferior creatures. Then women tried to have their rights, and in the modern age, they form a movement called Feminism. Feminism is a scope of political developments, philosophies, and social developments that have a public aim: to characterize, set up and accomplish political equality, financial, individual, and social rights for women. This incorporates looking to build up equivalent open doors for ladies in training and

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