Similarities Between Fight Club And The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby and Fight Club both depict similar themes in which I will be discussing throughout this essay. Both the film and the novel have many comparisons which can be made within the text. Although the novel Fight Club and the film The Great Gatsby were made several years apart they both have similar concepts and depict a variety of themes including The American Dream which I will be. Not only will I be examining the degeneration of the American Dream but also how male and female relationships work and the symbolisation of women and how they represent the American Dream in both Fight Club and The Great Gatsby. As I began to read Fight Club I noticed that the American Dream was perceived as freedom, equality and opportunity for all,…show more content…
These relationships between the characters all reflect the American Dream in unexpected ways, both texts do not convey male and female relationships accurately, the embodiment of this example would be the romance between Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby perceives Daisy as more of an idealized object than a human being who’m compliments his identity that he has developed. In Fight Club the same process occurs but instead of being viewed as an object Marla is used for sex by Tyler. Even though the narrator develops a relationship between the two characters it is hardly a classical romance. Both these relationships reflect the theme being The American Dream and roughly give a perception on how relationships commonly worked. In both The Great Gatsby and Fight Club both protagonists demonstrate and allergy to women but also see the female body as a representation of the American Dream. Fight Club utilizes the same symbolism that is used in The Great Gatsby where the female body is perceived as property or owned by an individual. The narrator states “We have sort of a triangle thing going here. I want Tyler. Tyler wants Marla. Marla wants me. This isn’t about love as

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