Follow The Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

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During the summer vacation, I gladly came across “Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence” and "War Horse"; two inspiring, and heart warming books. Both managing to prove that hope and resilience can get you through the obstacles and struggles that you face in life. Despite the great portrayal of characters and the exquisite delivery of themes by both authors, I have managed to conclude that “Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence" was the highlight of my summer reading.…show more content…
The girls on this journey would express their feelings truthfully, saying that they are tired, and that they don’t believe that they should go on and should just hand themselves in. It was a downside that they weren’t so positive, but it just made the book believable and relatable. When we look at “War Horse” and the characters; there was a wide range from different settings whom all had different views of life which I found interesting. However, only one character actually spoke the truth as he repeatedly told Joey’s owner that there is an extremely low chance of finding the horse. But, on the other side, everyone was supporting the owner to feel good. That was taken to the extent that the owner’s parents let him go to war to find the horse, putting their child’s life in danger. After saying this, the eldest girl of the three in “Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence” is the one I could relate to the most. This girl took a stand to not just her freedom but also to her sister’s and her cousin’s. She is a girl who could stand up for herself and who could express her thoughts truthfully, only needing to lie, to make sure that the younger ones would feel safe and in comfort. She didn’t let someone make up the choice of the way she would be living, but chose to make up her own. Several times in my own life,…show more content…
It made it much more interesting as it showed a different and more precise perspective of the things happening around the horse, whether it was the nature or a different character. This made it somewhat confusing at first as no one is really used to reading a book in this narrative as you wouldn’t be quite sure who is referred to; the horse, or its owner, who is also a main character. As you get the hang of reading in this unique narrative, you find it more pleasing as it is different. Doris Pilkington, did not fail in a certain matter, but just didn’t take narrating the story to a new out of the ordinary level. She was simply narrating the girls’ lives in third person, as any other author usually would. Both texts were similar when it came to ideas, but “War Horse”’s narration definitely grabbed my
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