Similarities Between Frankenstein And Bladerunner

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Frankenstein vs. Blade Runner
The famous book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly has had an enormous impact on literature today. People in the movie industry have actually made top hit movies using the basis of Frankenstein. One of those movies being Blade Runner. Even though they are very similar there are definitely differences.
Frankenstein is all about a “mad scientist” obsessed with the sciences of the world. The scientist, Victor Frankenstein, wanted to bring life to non-living things. He wanted to “play God” you could say. Doing so, he robbed graves and cemeteries to round up many different body parts to create a living creature. A person. The creature he ended up creating was eight feet tall and the most grotesque thing you’ve ever seen. It was a monster. Victor, struck with guilt, runs away from the monster. Fleeing from his monstrosity. The monster, Adam, then seeks revenge on Victor and his family for making him look so disgusting and terrifying.
One huge similarity between Frankenstein and the movie Blade
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Tyrell was a genius in the field of genetics and neuro-sciences. He wanted to create synthetic life. He had the God-like power to create life and determine when it dies, just like Victor. This is one of the many similarities between Frankenstein and Blade Runner. It only scratches the surface with them both. When you get deep down to the details of them, they are just as different.
Blade Runner also has the chase between the monster, Replicants, and Victor, the Blade Runner. The difference between the Blade Runner and Victor is that Victor has rage and revenge in his heart for his family against Adam. The Blade Runner was merely doing his duty as a Blade Runner, nothing more.
Both the famous movie Blade Runner and the even more famous gothic novel Frankenstein are very different and similar at the same time. Blade Runner also isn’t the only film to be heavily influenced by Frankenstein. There are many more out there just like it and just as
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