Similarities Between Frankenstein And His Monster

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Frankenstein and his monster do seem to be very similar, like a father and a son. Technically, they could be considered as such since Frankenstein is his creator. Even without that reasoning, it is clear that they share similarities. I consider them to be alike because they are both dramatic with violent tempers, they are obsessive, and they can be unreasonable. I disagree that they share the exact same personality, though. Melodrama practically drips from each word that comes from their mouths. Flowery language and purple prose has conversations that could have been short and sweet take up pages of space. There is a possibility that their speech could be due to the time period, but most of it seems to come from Frankenstein and his monster. They are both selfish, too. The monster would hurt and kill anyone to get what he desires and Frankenstein allows his…show more content…
Frankenstein, despite how determined and entrenched he was in his science, runs away when his monster is not aesthetically pleasing. Afterwards, he tries to sleep and wish his monster away like some bad dream. The monster actually believed Frankenstein would still help him after he murdered his beloved younger brother and continuously ruined his life. No one in their right mind would agree to assist a murderer, especially when the one they killed was someone dear. As stated earlier, Frankenstein and his monster are not completely alike. For example, Frankenstein wanted to play God. He wanted to breach the boundaries of life and death. The monster did not care about anything like that. All he wanted was companionship and someone to love that would love him back. Still, they are more similar than they are dissimilar. The most glaring thing they share is that, in a way, they are both monsters. Frankenstein's monster is one literally and while Victor Frankenstein himself is ordinary on the outside, he could be considered a true monster on the
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