Similarities Between Frankenstein And Never Let Me Go

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The two texts that I will be comparing are ‘Frankenstein’ written in 1818 by Mary Shelley and ‘Never Let Me Go’ written in 2005 by Kazuo Ishiguro. The theme in which I will be discussing is relationships. The relationships that I will be discussing throughout the essay and comparing between the texts are; relationships between characters, relationships between the characters and who control them and the characters with society.
Relationships between characters in ‘Never Let Me Go’ are shown to be very complex. Ruth and Kathy’s relationship is shown to be very one sided on Kathy’s side. Kathy always lies to protect Ruth, yet in an argument, Ruth tells Kathy that she supposes she hadn’t been that slow at ‘making friends’ with some of the veterans.
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At the start of ‘Never Let Me Go’ readers get the impression that the guardians are bad, Kathy even going as far as saying that the students ‘were all pretty scared of her’ when talking about one of her guardians Miss Emily. We get this impression because if a student if scared of one of their teachers then something is definitely wrong and there isn’t any evidence at the start of the book to prove otherwise. However as readers read on they can tell that actually the guardians are the good ones. The students once thought that that Madame was ‘afraid’ of them. It’s not until later on when Madame starts ‘sobbing after the encounter with Kathy that we learn she has a heart. In fact, the guardians were the ones that actually wanted to give the students a normal life. They didn’t want to treat them like clones. By giving these children normal lives they can tell that the clones actually do have souls and not treat them differently because they’re different. However this is not the case in ‘Frankenstein’ when Frankenstein rejects the creature because his is different going so far as to call him a ‘wretch’. A wretch is somebody that is regarded as mean and despicable. The fact that Victor sees the creature as such a vile thing shows us that Victor doesn’t have any respect whatsoever for it. The creature states that he was ‘dependent on none and related to none’ which also…show more content…
This wish for affection could be due to the fact that none of the characters had much affection in their early life like you would find in a normal parent child relationship. This might be why they crave it so much now. However if there’s one difference between the texts is the relationships between the characters and those who control them. In ‘Never Let Me Go’ the guardians do actually care for the students even though they don’t show it. However the monster doesn’t have anybody that care for him and teach him things which makes him into the monster he is. Society doesn’t really accept either the monster of the clones because of their differences. The clones are shoved off to an old farm where they don’t really talk to the outside world and the monster is attacked whenever he tries to gain access to
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