Similarities Between Frankenstein And Reservoir Dogs

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley contains thematic parallels with, an acclaimed film by Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs. Frankenstein's creature is psychologically affected by the putrid ambience he was exposed to by humanity. Contrastingly, it is not certain how the professional criminals developed antisocial personalities. The team of professional criminals seem friendly towards each other during the beginning of the film, yet they only know each other by designated aliases. Themes of madness, as well as, lies and deceit are present in Reservoir Dogs and Frankenstein.
Reservoir Dogs has a select few, personally selected by Joe, professional criminals carry out his seemingly brilliant scheme. People in such a distinct line of work compensate
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In addition to the theme of madness, both works display the theme of lies and deceit. Victor’s troubles are unexposed to anyone, excluding Walton, including his own father, “ My father had often, during my imprisonment, heard me make the same assertion; when I thus accused myself, he sometimes seemed to desire an explanation, and at others he appeared to consider it as offspring of delirium, and that, during my illness, some idea of this kind had present itself to my imagination, the remembrance of which I preserved in my convalescence” (Shelley 192). Victor never discloses his secrets to his friends and family, rather he deceives them. In addition, the creature too displays a deceitful nature, “ My revenge is of no moment to you; yet while I allow it to be a vice, I confess that it is the devouring and only passion of my soul” (Shelley 208). Walton was compelled to believe the manipulative creature, but was prepared due to Frankenstein's warnings. Similarly, the criminals are deceived by, a cop, one amongst them; furthermore, the group was prone to deceitfulness by remaining uninformed of each other's backgrounds. All in all, the criminals, Frankenstein, and Frankenstein's creature all posses deceitful
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