Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Prestige

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While people reading books, certain details will lead them to the center of brainstorming and start making connections with other forms of mass media consisted of movies, newspaper articles, and social media captions. So does the Frankenstein has shown sort of likenesses of the characters’ personalities and conflicts as well as the theme of obsession to human innovation and life to the movie The Prestige, which yet at the same time reveal extraordinary dissimilarities in between. To begin with the characters in these two classical works, while Angier is just competing with another magician called Borden, Victor is dealing with an impossible mission against a giant monster that is targeting at his family. Victor has pushed himself into the department of Life Science to search the ways of immortality which break the law of nature, however, magic tricks followed by Borden and Angier can be seen as another form of science, but fake science. There is…show more content…
In other ways, Borden seems just like Victor when considering improving their skills and tricks. Unlike…show more content…
When it comes to Frankenstein, the book affirms the wisdom and creativity of human beings while it also shows human’s destructive power where Victor is the symbol of the entire mankind. It is necessary for human beings to challenge their self-wisdom and exploration of nature, however, natural balances would be broken when the investigation goes beyond a boundary line and the only disaster will be brought then. Consequently, the writer advocates the readers and the society to adjust their understanding and prediction about exploring nature’s secret in order to prevent the happening of exact same thing and to alarm scientists and citizens the risk of it at all
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