Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

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To start with, it is hard to underestimate what Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglas did for the United States of America. People continue to respect them and their willingness to change this world into something better. Besides their strong love to liberty these representatives of the history of United States are usually presented as keepers of fundamental American values such as openness, informality, individualism, enterprise, directness, self-reliance and honesty. It is clear that these two men are very different from each other, but they do have a number of similarities that will be presented below as well as differences. Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin were both self-made men. They were not from rich families. However, Frederick Douglass for sure had a much harder life than Franklin. When Benjamin Franklin left home he had barely anything in his pocket. Frederick Douglass was a man from the complete bottom or even deeper. Frederick had no family, no birth certificate and Douglass did not know even his exact birth date. Nevertheless, Frederick Douglass became a man with a big letter “M”. “Without struggle, there is no progress” - said Douglass. With this credo, he was going through his life. Both of these men educated themselves. Nevertheless, thanks to Lucretia who was…show more content…
Even though they were both men from above and made their ways up, Franklin’s way up was much tougher than Benjamin’s. Furthermore, during Benjamin Franklin lifetime first president had always someone to help him out. Douglass used education to get out from the mud where he was born in and Benjamin got educated to become successful.
Taking everything into consideration, both Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass are self-made men. They outlived hard times and literally went out of the mud. If someone would compare lives of these two men he would understand how accidentally or not they are
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