Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Captain Canot

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Fredrick Douglas was a slave in the 1800. When he escaped slavery, he told his story and experiences in a book. “The Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglass.” The book is written in the perspective of an American slave. His goals were to show how wrong slavery was. Captain Canot also wrote a book. “Twenty Years of an African Slaver.” His goals have been just the opposite. Attempting to convince the people that they treat their slaves with kindness and fairness. Fredrick Douglass and Captain Canute have different perspectives about slavery because they are in different people in a different role.

Being told that you are worth less the a pig multiple time can really get to someone. We can see it in today’s society with bullies. When bullies say
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Though they lived during the same time period their perspectives were very different from each other because of their role in their current society. In Fredrick Douglass book he was a slave since he was a child. He and his family were all treated poorly by their owners on a plantation. Many examples of this poor treatment are shown throughout the book such as “After crossing her hands, he tied them with a strong rope. and led her to a stool under a large hook in the joist, put in for the purpose. He made her get upon the stool, Tied her hands to the large hook. She now stood fair for the purpose. Her arms were stretched up at their full length, so that she stood upon the ends of her toes... he commenced to lay on the heavy cow skin, and dripping soon warm, red blood...” (Douglass,12) This quote is showing how the slaves are treated when they disobey in their plantation. In Captain Canot book he wrote that “these hints will appraise the reader that the greatest care, compatible with safety, is taken of a Negro’s health and cleanliness on the voyage.” (Canot,3) This quote is talking about the slave traders showing care to the slaves. This was their perspectives of the physical abuse, what about the emotional abuse caused by dehumanizing
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