Similarities Between Galerorza And The Apollo 13 Crew

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Determined, and brave people It seems sometimes impossible to accomplish our goals, and these courageous people had to endure many hardships to reach theirs. Whether you are leaning to fit into a new school or trying to get back home safely in a damaged spaceship; it is always hard to accomplish a goal. Why do we work so hard to reach what seems like an impossible goal? Ernesto Galarza had to be courageous and brave to try and fit into a new community, while The apollo 13 crew had to make quick decisions on how to stay alive. Both were wildly determined to reach their goals. Ernesto Galarza had to show courage to be able to fit into his new community. He had come all the way from Mexico to start a new life with his mother. Ernesto was intimidated by the school building and expressed that by saying, “Half a block was…show more content…
2 blew up”. All of the sudden it seemed as though everything was falling apart. The crew was out of plans because they were not expecting this to happen. The crew had been communicating with NASA headquarters through this entire experience attempting to come up with ideas about what to do in this dire situation. “Houston we 've had a problem here.” This quote is famous for being the exact words that a member of the apollo 13 crew said when they realized what was happening on the spaceship. One of the crew’s biggest concerns was the loss of power. Without power they would definitely not be able to get back to earth. Apollo 13 ran on a lot of power, but they were running out quickly . In the study sync book it states “With only 15 minutes of power left in the CM, CapCom told the crew to make their way to the LM.” This explains the dire need for power in the ship. The biggest and most mysterious question was, “How to get back to earth safely.” Although the crew went through a lot of hardships and fear, in the end, they made it back to earth
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