Similarities Between Gandhi And Tolstoy

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Main Concepts influenced Gandhi After seeing how close Tolstoy’s writing to what he believes, Gandhi was eager to read more of Tolstoy’s publications including, The Kingdom of God Is within You, What Is Art? The Slavery of Our Times, The First Step and How Shall We Escape? He was influenced by three main concepts which are non-resistance, bread labor, and non-possession. 1. Truth and non-resistance For Gandhi, truth is at the top then comes non-violence principle. In fact, he said that in his search for the truth, he discovered non-violence. Accordingly, he believed that devoting ourselves to truth is the sole reason for why we exist. He emphasized on the search for truth and that it should be in the center of one’s life, “when once this stage is pilgrim’s progress is reached, all other rules of correct living will come without effort, and obedience to them will be instinctive” (Brown, 2008, p.45). Gandhi was influenced by Tolstoy’s justifications in “A Letter to a Hindu” in which he said that if people opened their eyes to the religious and scientific fraud, meaning if they search for the truth, they would be directed immediately towards the law of love inborn with humanity (Murthy, 1987). Both Gandhi and Tolstoy were determined to search for truth since Tolstoy acknowledged “the heroine of my writing is she, whom I love with all forces of my being, she who always was, is and will be beautiful, is Truth” (Murthy, 1987, p.13). Gandhi puts it as “I am devoted to nothing but

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