Similarities Between Gatsby And George Wilson

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Many people are willing to go to the extent of lying about themselves to a man or a woman to impress them. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald creates contrasts and similarities between Gatsby and George Wilson. They are not the type of person their partner wants to marry, Gatsby made as much money as anyone could ever want but he still lacked the class that Daisy expected and required. No matter if matter if you’re wealthy or poor, if you become someone you are not others will always find out who you really are. Gatsby and Wilson were both desperate enough to try and win over the women they loved by being someone they were not. Wilson dressed in nice clothing and acted like he had money in front of Myrtle for her attention. According to Myrtle she was fooled into thinking that Wilson had money“I married him because I thought he was a…show more content…
As more is revealed about Gatsby in the Plaza it looks less and less likely that Daisy is going to leave Tom for Gatsby. Daisy isn 't able to convince Tom or anyone else at the Plaza that she loves Gatsby. So much so that Tom even insists that Gatsby ride home with Daisy. After Myrtle’s death Gatsby still hoped for Daisy to come back for him, it never happens and Daisy and Tom end up running away from the mess they made in New York. Myrtle ended up cheating on Wilson because Tom had the money that Wilson lacked, she felt like she deserved more than she was getting.

Fitzgerald’s Novel The Great Gatsby shows how Gatsby and Wilson lied to their women about how much money they had. No matter the efforts, they were not the person that their partners fell in love with. So Wilson ends up with an unhappy marriage and Gatsby is only used as a tool for Daisy to get her husband
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