Similarities Between Genocide And The Holocaust

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What is a genocide? A basic way of saying it would be that it is a big group of people being killed. In this essay I will be discussing the Cambodian Genocide and The Holocaust. In the first paragraph I will be discussing the two genocides. In the second paragraph I will be giving the dictionary and legal definitions of genocide. In the the third paragraph and discuss how the two are similar and how they are different. The holocaust was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its World War II allies killed around six million Jews. The victims were around 1.5 million children and included about two-thirds of the nine million Jews in Continental Europe. Many people think that is was only Jews that were killed in The Holocaust. No, Hitler wanted the Jews,…show more content…
Dehumanization is the process of depriving a person or group of positive human qualities. Acts in both genocide that represented dehumanization were people and children actually viewing their friends and family being killed in front of them. Everything was very traumatic for everyone that saw or even heard what was going on. Another similarity was that they all were racially profiling people. If you were Asian you were smart, if you are smart you were a threat, if you are a homosexual you are bad, etc. It was all prejudiced acts. Everything in genocides are very similar in so many ways. The only differences in them are the reasons why they did it and who they are doing it to. History just keeps repeating itself over and over again.
What is a genocide? A genocide is a prejudiced act upon people who feel they are better than others. A genocide is wrong. What I have stated is the key facts in both The Cambodian Genocide and The Holocaust. I also discussed the definitions of genocide and how they are different. The last thing I discussed was how The Cambodian Genocide and The Holocaust are both similar and
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