Similarities Between Gerome And Cranach

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In the following paper, I will be discussing the similarities and differences between two paintings. These two paintings are Jean-Léon Gérôme’s Bashi-Bazouk and Lucas Cranach’s Saint Maurice. The Gerome dates to 1868-1869 and was created with oil paints on canvas. The Cranach dates 1520-1525 and was created with oil paints on linen. The Gerome is 31 ¾ inches long and 26 inches wide, while the Cranach is 54 inches long and 15 ½ inches wide. The height of the Cranach makes the painting more lifelike, because it is almost as if the painting is drawn to scale. Both works portray soldiers. Through an analysis of elements and principles of art in both paintings, I will conduct a comparative analysis to show the similarities and differences in the way the soldiers are portrayed. The first design element that will be discussed is color. In both works, warm colors (mostly reds and oranges) are used to represent affluence and status. The colors contrasts with the dark skin of the soldiers. In the Cranach, the soldier is wearing a full suit of armor, which is detailed with intricate and colorful patterns. In the Gerome work, the peach silk top, shows a sign of…show more content…
In the Gerome, the clothing that he wears is silk. The fact that he has this clothing is such an expensive fabric shows that he was wealthy. His headpiece also shows this, as it is also made of silk. In the Cranch, the soldier shows his wealth through his armor and hat. His armor has a gold accents, which include a gold neckpiece that covers the entire neck. In the gold are stones such as diamonds and rubies. This shows that this soldier held a high position in his army. His hat also shows his affluence. At this time, big floppy hats like that were worn by the wealthy. Him wearing it shows that he has wealth and power. This is actually very interesting because men of his skin color were usually not put into high positions like general or
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