Similarities Between Greek And Greek Mythology

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Two Authors, Two Books, Two Religions

Nowadays, Greek and Roman mythology are considered fiction, but once upon a time they were known as very serious religions. Despite the similarities between the two, such as their gods, origins, and beliefs, they were known as enemies. They often fought over these similarities to argue which side was better. Not only was their conflict because of the resemblance to one another, they also clashed over differences such as their heroes and the characteristics of their gods. Knowing what makes them alike or what makes them different is a good way to understand the religion and also the way of life during the Greece and Roman times.

Many mythologies have an origin story in which states how they came to be, whether it is told by song, scripture, or book, the story is most likely known by every member of the culture. Greek mythology
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Even though their gods shared the same aspects, the Romans gods were very different from the Greeks. The Roman gods were harsher and didn 't mingle with mortal affairs as often as the Greeks did. The mortals were actually afraid of the gods even though they worshipped them day in and day out. It seemed as though the Romans were forced to believe in the myths out of fear. The people of that time were being told something they couldn’t prove right or wrong, so they agreed to believe out of fear of having a horrible life after death.

Greek and Roman mythology have plenty of differences, but they also have plenty of things in common. Both of the religions were formed because of myths and spread by stories. The polytheistic belief of Roman and Greek mythology was derived from two poets who wrote two separate novels that shared a lot in common.

The most obvious similarity would be the gods they worshipped. As I stated before, Rome gained a lot of inspiration for their religion from the Greeks. The Roman gods shared the same power as the Greek gods, the only difference was in the names and
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