Similarities Between Greek And Roman Architecture

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It’s unique anyways within the Geek and Roman architecture that they evolved to be a great accomplish for a long time, where seriously they look indistinguishable. On the other hand that doesn’t mean that they are not different from each other, contrary each of them has a personality and a way to view its style. As we know that the Greek architecture had developed firstly, so it must had influenced the Roman architecture, and that’s what had happened, even though they were affected exceptionally by the Greeks, however they looked for a separate distinguished personality. In the meantime, we’ll see all over the essay the similarities and differences between both civilizations, including the building types, the techniques, and materials used, style and art. As a start, the building types are many as the private houses, baths, as well as temples and theatres and these are our points; Firstly in temples, Greeks’ structures were invented to be the home of gods called Parthenon having an obsolete religion. As inside these sanctuaries they didn’t have spots of meeting, but obeying the penances and aimed to custom an individual god in them. These temples anyways were sometimes used to be storage of votive offerings. Subsequently, they are very unique in there style and very essential modeling construction. For examples, the palace of Knossos, and Athens acropolis. While in the Roman architecture, their temples which were named Pantheon were a mix of the Etruscan and Greek styles but
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