Similarities Between Hamlet And Machiavelli

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Michael Olufunsho Fafemi
Alan Rosiene
HUM 2052
February 6 2018
Hamlet, The Claudius similarity and Machiavellism Shakespeare through the play Hamlet portrays many complex themes through the various characters in the play. Hamlet, the protagonist is in particular a mesh of various complexities and ideas. He is often caught in between his own opposing characteristics and these ultimately affect the course of his actions.
Through all these conflicting characteristics, a side of Hamlet is seen in a new light; a Machiavellian prince. This aspect of Hamlet is the ruthless and cunning tactician who is open to using deceit for his own ends. Machiavelli, in his book 'The Prince ', shows a set of guidelines and philosophical arguments for a ruler to embody. He states that a ruler cannot always be virtuous and good as different situations could lead him to evil and inhumane acts as shown in his statement "learn how not to be good"(Machiavelli, Ch. XV). Machiavelli also stakes his point on a ruler been versatile with his analogy of the fox and lion. A fox due to its cunningness and cautiousness and a lion for its brawn and courage. Hamlet shows the tendency of the fox as he employs deceit and cunning to great effect, even outsmarting his rivals many times. This is seen when he pretends to be insane to make the royal court believe grief has made him run mad.
Hamlet further shows his strategic and cautious side when he uses a play to show Claudius ' role in his father 's
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