Similarities Between Harry Potter And Shrek

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Comparison Between Shrek and Harry Potter Films Through a Feminist Lens Shrek and Harry Potter are two popular children and teen movie series that are both seen as innocent movies but they both have deeper underlying messages. They both reinforce patriarchy and conform to traditional gender roles. Both of the leading female characters are put into roles that reinforce patriarchy, the two leading male characters are loved by most and are the main points to both plots, there are few points in each film series that oppose patriarchy, female roles are limited in both film series and masculinity and femininity are clearly defined and follow traditional roles in both films. Fiona is the leading female character in Shrek and how people view her is drastically changed throughout the film. How women are portrayed reinforces patriarchy…show more content…
Her personality and how she is portrayed is very stereotypical and reinforces patriarchy. In the first movie Harry, Ron and Hermione come face to face with a troll and she freezes because she is so terrified; this makes her character look very week and vulnerable. Harry and Ron are forced to save her making them look stronger and more powerful. Hermione is shown as very smart but cocky when we first meet her on the train in the first movie; she brags about all the books she has read, all the things she knows about magic and creatures and how she already knows a lot about Harry. Hermione’s crying and other ways of expressing her emotions make her look weaker throughout the movies. There are a couple points in the Shrek that opposes patriarchy such as when Fiona fights off Robin Hood and the other men by herself; Shrek and Donkey are amazed by this and Shrek in astonishment says “Woah, woah, woah, hold the phone now! Where did that come from?”(53:28) Then she replies with “What?”(53:31) “That back there! That
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