Similarities Between Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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In Harry Potter and the sorcerer 's stone, Harry goes through several steps in order to become a hero. The first being, the ordinary world. In the beginning of both the movie and the book Harry lives a normal life, with the exception of the treatment from his awful aunt and uncle. Many scenes in the movie show that Harry is meant to do and be more, but for now, his journey must begin in an ordinary world. His next step is the call to adventure. The first time Harry is shown doing something magical is when he and his family go to a museum. He is able to talk to a snake and removes the glass from the exhibit, causing his cousin to fall in with the snake.
After the incident at the museum, Harry 's guardians treat him worse than before. Soon
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The refusal of the call isn 't by Harry himself but by his aunt and uncle. Even though Harry is doubtful about being a wizard he doesn 't refuse to go to Hogwarts with Hagrid. His aunt and uncle have stopped at nothing to keep the wizard world from harry, and now they are refusing to allow Harry anywhere near anything that has to do with witches and wizards.
Harry Potter has lots of mentors throughout the series. Hagrid is the first of these not only because he is the first that Harry meets but because he becomes a friend that Harry can go to whenever in need. Hagrid is an important mentor to Harry, he has more than enough knowledge of the wizard world and his personality allows Harry to come to Hagrid comfortably as a friend. Unlike some other professors who might be more intimidating, Dumbledore and snape for example.
The fifth step Harry goes through to becoming a hero is crossing the threshold. Crossing the threshold is when the hero leaves behind his ordinary world and actually enters into the new one. There are several events that could be considered crossing the threshold. The first being when he goes into Diagon alley. Then seeing the broom shops, getting his first owl, and his magical wand. Even though he isn 't fighting to save the world yet, he is getting to see what his new life will
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