How The Judgments In Désirée's Baby And The Birthmark

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Trust Not in the Hand that Feeds You Just like the societies that exist in the world today, the way that a given society within the bounds of a fictional story controls the attitudes, environment, and mores of that society has a direct impact on the characters of that story and its outcome. Typically, society has a way of manipulating a community into making harsh judgements based often on superficial or nearly unchangeable aspects of a person's physicality; these such judgements are able to create a world of harm, both physically and emotionally. In both the story, ¨Désirée's Baby,¨ by Kate Chopin and, ¨The Birthmark,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the authors express how their control over the attitudes, environment, and mores of the story directly affect the characters within the story along with its eventual end.…show more content…
The story relies heavily on the subject of racial prejudice, as could be expected of a story written by an American author in 1894. The woman Désirée is of unknown descent due to her being abandoned in the shadow of a stone pillar by the gateway of the Valmondé household, who in turn raised her from young child to woman (223). Among other things, it is very important to notice that the story is set in Louisiana during what must be the late 1800s; the South in all of its aristocracy made home to many wealthy white families, those of which more often than not had African American and other non-white servants. The Aubigny family, of whom Désirée married into, was one of these
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