Similarities Between Hitler And Trujillo

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Trujillo vs. Hitler The definition of a dictator is a ruler with complete and absolute power over a country that is usually received forcefully. Adolf Hitler and Rafael Trujillo are two examples of powerful dictators that impacted their country immensely. During their reins of power, German and Dominican people were abused, manipulated, and many were killed. Hitler and Trujillo have several similarities on how they dictated; although, the ways in which they chose to use their power differed. There are numerous similarities and differences on the two dictators’ effect of the culture, people, and country, but the question is: which dictator was the worst? Adolf Hitler is one of the world’s most known dictators who was Führer of Germany from 1934…show more content…
While he dictated, the culture of Germany was changed. Hitler wanted to make the population all think and be one certain way. To make this happen he made, “ Musical performances, movies, and other cultural public activities...all meant to make German’s brains exactly like the Nazi, eliminating any other thought of anti-government”(1). By controlling what people watched and read, Hitler brainwashed Germans to think positively of him and the Nazi’s. The population was not able to freely read or watch any sort of literature or other arts. Hitler also changed the religious culture in many parts of Europe. One of Hitler’s main goals while in office was to eliminate the jewish and any other non-aryan people. In the process, Hitler made The Nuremberg Laws. Adolf Hitler, “implemented these laws to ostracize, discriminate and expel Jews from German society” (3) Diverse culture was rejected. Physically, the people of Germany, mostly jews, were affected because of Hitler trying to make the population one master race. He believed aryans were this “master race” as he believed the grew to have good health strength and overall, good characteristics unlike Jews
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