Similarities Between Hollywood And Bollywood

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With an investigation of the likeness and dissimilarity of culture, film classifications, and showcasing media amongst Hollywood and Bollywood, it is simpler to appreciate the genuine thought behind the specific filmmaking procedures and way to deal with progress. Hollywood and Bollywood both have advanced over the previous century with one of a kind and particular qualities while being equivalent in a couple of viewpoints. As far as the narrative in script writing is concerned there can be no comparison between the two as both are completely opposite and equally competent in their own right. Hollywood and Bollywood are two words that depict the $80 billion world silver screen industry. Hollywood being the biggest regarding income with 90% of aggregate industry income to its name, while Bollywood having the capacity to catch just 3% of the business add up to . On the other hand, Bollywood leads with more than 1000 film creations a year taking into account a worldwide crowd of 3 billion. Hollywood creates more than 500 motion pictures every year and has about 2.6 billion watchers . The principal felt that strikes one 's mind when you hear the word Hollywood is the American film Industry, as opposed to the area that is arranged North West of Downtown Los Angeles in the province of California. Hollywood ended up noticeably acclaimed since the mid 1900s for the birth and improvement of the American Cinema Industry (1). Today, Hollywood is known as the core of motion picture

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