Similarities Between Huckleberry Finn And Jesus Christ

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Located in Philippians 2:7, “[Jesus Christ made himself nothing] taking the form of a servant” (as qtd. in Jones 2). Similar to Jesus Christ 's servanthood, Jim endured a dismal life of enslavement. Moreover, Jim served the king and duke like Jesus Christ served humanity; however, their past is not the only correspondence between the two seemingly heterogeneous individuals. Both Jim and Jesus Christ share similar personality traits. The resemblance between Jim and Christ leads to the assumption that Jim symbolizes a Christ figure in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Jim possesses the ability to sacrifice himself and to forgive others, identifying him as a Christ figure, in spite of his readiness to lie.
A commonality between the two individuals, Jim and Christ, is the ability to sacrifice
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Huck and Jim encountered a deteriorating floating house drifting down the river; due to curiosity, they explored it. Inside, the pair located a decomposing dead body which Jim did not permit Huck to see, do to it being “‘too gashly’” (Twain 38). However, Jim lied about the apparent gruesome body. The body was Huck’s biological father and Jim prevented him from seeing the traumatic scene. Jim lied to Huck, a un-Christly action, but he had the intention of preserving Huck’s childhood. Nevertheless, Jim later reveals the truth contradicting the previous lie and exuding honesty. Jim presents his candor on the raft following Huck’s realization that Jim loves his family. He informed Huck about the traumatic experience when he “‘slap[ed] [the] side [of his daughter’s] head’” (Twain 118). He revealed that he made a mistake in his past and, like Christ, presented the pure quality of honesty. Despite the instance where Jim lied to Huck, Jim routinely showed his honesty to all. His truthfulness matches Christ’s, adding another equivalence between the
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