Similarities Between Hudud Law And Federal Government

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In general, federal government is a system that divides the power between a strong national government and a smaller local government. For example, our country, Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy country with a strong federal constitutional monarchy . Furthermore, the legal system in Malaysia is a mixture of the legal system of English Common Law, Customary Law, and Islamic Law. Judicial review of the acts of legislative in the Supreme Court is allowed with the request of the supreme head of the federation. However, by comparing Hudud law and the Federal law, Hudud law’s punishment is extremely against the concept of rule of law. Some punishment by the hudud, such as the stoning to death is deemed to be unacceptable anymore. Punishments should actually be carried out according to the modern methods. We are now living in the 21st century, things should not be solve in a ‘barbarian’ way.
Comparison between Institution of Khilafah (Ulama) and Federal Government (Professional)
The khilafah system is unlike Malaysia’s federal government. There is not a federal system where there are autonomous regions and unity only in general ruling. In khilafah system, the finance of all regions are the same, this includes their budget. This means, all regions will be calculated equally and fairly on their budgets. In contrast, federal budgets in Malaysia are presented by the government of Malaysia annually. It is a major state financial plan which has to be approved by the
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