Similarities Between Humans And Chimpanzees

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The behavioral aspects of chimpanzees is very similar to humans’ behavior. These behaviors can indicate that chimpanzees or apes are the closest living primate that relates to humans. Humans and chimpanzees have many things in common with each other. They both have many behaviors that only humans and Apes have and no other animal have. Not only they look a lot on biologically aspects, also they have many aspects of behavior that are very similar to each other and that were once thought to be only human behavior and not any other primate behaviors. The difference between humans and animals was one time thought to be behavior and the process of thinking and feeling. However, recent studies have shown how humans and chimpanzees have many aspects…show more content…
We humans are very good at copying strategies that other humans have already been successful at. For example, if we want our house yard to look very good like the yard of the neighbor’s we try to think of what we are doing different that is not making our land look as good as the neighbors land. Then we start noticing that the neighbor is watering his land more frequently and uses fertilizer with other tools to make it look better. The neighbor uses tools for aeration. He uses a aeration machine so the fertilizer and water can do a better job in making the grass grow nicer so it can look better. Then just by looking, we want to do the same as the neighbor so our land can look nice, and we start doing it to accomplish our goal of making the land look greener and pretty like the neighbors land. These aspects could be consider a part of social life and a part of living in a community and learning from one another. Chimpanzees do the same, they are so good at copying techniques that have worked for other chimpanzees in the past in order to accomplish what they desire to achieve. Just by looking at someone else’s technique, chimpanzees are intelligent enough to just copy the strategy from other chimpanzees and to succeed in the same activity with the same technique of doing so (Project R & R). These doesn’t only prove that chimpanzees are very intelligent but also it proves the ability to adapt as a successful functioning society using technology to improve themselves like humans do so in their life and
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