Similarities Between Hyneman And Thomas Jefferson

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One of the foundering fathers of this great country Thomas Jefferson merges different point of view so that he could present the colonist’s injustice as a single voice. Hyneman conveys great point in which he argues that liberty is something that of a blessing and like many Colonists recognize that absolute liberty is not obtainable without a form of government. Also in Hyneman piece, Thomas Jefferson and his fellow colonist were worn-out of being treated less than the British people therefore Thomas’ declaration of independence emphasizes that all men are equal in which it was embodied by his people furthermore they would no longer consent the tax proposed by England. As know by most, the declaration of independence was a written document…show more content…
Although Jefferson does not want a big government, he recognizes that the people in the colonies are petitioning for liberty and understands with the declaration of independence liberty will ultimately be achieved. “Liberty is the greatest blessing that men enjoy, and slavery the heaviest curse that human nature is capable of. This being so makes it a matter of the utmost importance to men which of the two shall be their portion. Absolute liberty is, perhaps, incompatible with any kind of government” (Hyneman.) Here in a sense Jefferson comprehends that the utmost thing for a man is liberty. The colonist men were subject to the king in England in which the people are stripped of their liberty. , Jefferson merges the idea of slavery. Jefferson references that slavery is the heaviest curse that human nature is capable of. In this sense Jefferson and the people of the thirteen states are equating slavery to being the subject of the English power. Finally, like many others in the colonies; Jefferson knows even without the British Empire, there still needs to be selected form of
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