Similarities Between Icarus And Paethon

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The two myths, ¨Phaethon¨ and ¨Daedalus and Icarus¨, both share their lesson about pride. The literary elements: character, imagery, and conflict, can be used to build up the story by the author. The two main characters, Icarus and Phaethon, can impact the story. In this essay, it has the three prongs, which are the literary elements: characterization, imagery, and conflict, can impact the shared theme: A prideful disregard of the warnings from those who are wiser can lead to disastrous consequences. For the beginning, the traits of the characters can impact the myth. For example, Phaethon being a liar impacts the story as the story says,¨But he could not bear to tell Epaphus.¨(on pg. 49). This text evidence shows us why he didn 't want to
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