Similarities Between Iliad And Inferno

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Almost every culture or religion has described about the underworld or hell. Every human believes there is a hell and heaven. On the other hand, we can say the afterlife residents for souls is the hell. Nobody, doesn’t know what hell looks like. No of the human has experienced or seen the underworld, but has a believe there is a hell. The Italian poet Dante has successfully been able to describe the nine circles of the hell throughout his poem call “Inferno”. Many of the concepts about the underworld were represented by the Greek and Latin poems. Also, those poems are still believed today. The Greek author Homer wrote an epic poem call “Iliad”. Iliad and Inferno do not have similar backgrounds. Iliad is what tells an audience about some significant events happened during the last year of the Trojan War. Even though these two poems are talking about two opposite stories Dante present a variety of classical characters as immoral, his vision of hell both Trojan and Greeks. Iliad and Inferno are portrayed in their stories about afterlife and reality. Perhaps most importantly, Iliad is an epic poem in Greek mythology. Iliad is representing the last year of the Trojan War. According to the Homer he was able to gather some significant events which happened during the Trojan War. Most importantly, Homer brings up some powerful themes to the audience. The first theme the author tried to explain is pride. In the warrior society of the Iliad, pride is what makes the world go
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